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Welcome to Drisling

Drisling are herbal. Nutritional Heath care supplements has its very important role in human life for building healthy life. Drisling builds internal immunity, strength & fighting against all diseases starting from pregnant women, children of all ages, development & growth, overweight people, male and female any kind of health hazard & disease. Drisling are giving remarkable impact & result for betterment of human life.

By Drisling Health Care Programme our movement is to make our cellular system healthy, to rejuvanate the human body by providing natural pure herbal diet to prevent from diseases and provide to strength to fight with diseases to live normal healthy life.

Drisling Health Care Programme "Magic" shall evolve you, your family and people at large to make life more meaningful, lively and cheerfull. Drisling has achieved another milestone by your support. We hereby welcome you to usher a new ERA in health based movement.


General Care
Animal Care

Food Ingredients

Diet is a combination of food ingredients that provides balanced nutrition in specific proportions for the proper functioning of the body and healthy living.

Nutrition is a science that deals with digestion, absorption, and metabolism of food. The food we eat has social, psychological and physiological impact on our health and general well being. The physiological role of food relates with generation of energy. Nutrition concerns with the consumption of food and its utilization by the body. The nutrients in the food are used for various functions in our body, Proper nutrition not only prevents illness, but also remarkably alters the course of illness if it occurs.

Herbal nutrition provides a solution to overcome all the deficiencies in procuring nutrients that normally lack in our daily diet. Our goal at Drisling is to provide "Natural Herbal Nutrition Care Programme" and to help people in reducing or completely eliminating all the health hazards towards healthy living.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Technical Advisor

Dr. Vidyadhar Kawalkar Ph.D

Executive Council Member International Soyabean Committee National Executive Committee member National Institute Of Nutrition, Hyderabad

Herbal Extracts

Dr. Dileep Yadav

Doctorate in Medical Herbalism Indian Board Of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata

Honorary Member

Dr. B.M. Sood

Indian Board of Alternative medicines having Degree in GHMS

Honorary Member

Prof. S.D Patel

Prof. S.D Patel M.Pharma LLB.(Ahmedabad)


India's GDP

Today Contributes

A large pie to India’s economy. The FMCG sector in semi-urban India is estimated to cross $100 billion by 2025.

With a growing consumption demand in small towns and villages, consumer markets are expected to grow faster than urban consumer markets.


FMCG Sales


Of Two Wheeler Sales


Mobile Subscribers



Consumers are aspirational

Their consumption patterns are increasingly mirroring that of urban consumers. Consumers span across the spectrum of those who are brand conscious, experimenters and brand loyalists. A large number of purchases are influenced by brand image, aesthetics and functionality.

As the consumers and their environment evolves, these factors will be primary drivers for fueling growth in consumption behaviour.


Increasing Penetration of DTH, Content Consumption on Mobile


Rising Income Levels & Growing Disposable Incomes


Demand Replication due to nuclearization of Families

But, why are consumers underserved?

Every brand wants to connect to markets and consumers but are unable to due to the following factors:

  • Broken distribution channel: Large format stores do not exist in the ecosystem and brands’ access to kirana stores is limited.
  • Limited product availability: Since distribution is broken, making the latest and promoted products available to consumers becomes a challenge.
  • No customized offerings: Due to lack of systems, brands cannot capture consumer data like preferences and buying patterns, leading to generic offerings.


Consumers travel to nearby cities to make bigger purchases

> 20KM

Distance travelled by customers to make bigger purchases


Only few consumers feel they get quality goods from their local retailer

Rural Consumer

How Drisling are formulated?

Drisling is a platform to promote natural way of life by promoting Drisling. Vision of the company is to make drugless healing.

Drisling are formulated to provide nutritional power along with herbal extracts, which penetrates and absorbs in the human body very effectively and showing remarkable results i.e they are very effective.

  • Owns physical real estate
  • Is the primary source of purchase for about 120-150 households
  • Enjoys 300K transactions per month
  • Enjoys an established social and commercial relationship with consumers
  • Has deep knowledge of consumers’ preferences
  • Has a bank account and access to digital payments
  • Is a point-of-sale for transactions and drop shipment

India Ecosystem design

Approach for building a sustainable Ecosystem.


Way To Build Ecosystem

Consumers would continue to transact with kiranas and developing an ecosystem that helps consumers & retailers both is warranted